What You Will Get From Me

My portfolio with my most important work

Portfolio Pointures

This is the website pointures.fr. It is a web shop made with WordPress and WooCommerce. In addition the client uses a software to manage his physical stores and he wanted to create a plugin to synchronize the website and the local software. 

Portfolio ValDayMarina

This is a small web application I developed with JavaScript and PHP so the clients can make reservations in the marina’s restaurants and hotel for the valentine’s events.

Gestion Marina
This is a complete solution for a Marina’s management. It includes a website part with multiple pages that allows the clients to discover the marina and make reservations.
It also includes an admin part that gives the administrator various tools to manage the marina, including a fully customized mail inbox developed to read the emails from the database. This was my first professional web development experience.
Portfolio Jasmin

This is a presentation website made with. I used  WordPress with an existing theme modified to match the client’s needs.

Portfolio Forme+

This is a web application I developed with Object Oriented PHP programming (using only classes) and HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap and jQuery for the frontend. I  created it for the management of a gymIt included a graphical representation of finances progress for a chosen duration and a ticket printing module to create and print bar codes of the members. 

Web developer with 6 years of experience and certified as fullstack JS developer, putting all my experience at your service.

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